Hello Music

Our signature program combining both "Music Reading" and "Instrumental Private Lesson" together, exposing students to master and understand true mechanics behind music and instrumental performances. Hello Music is targeted for children and teenagers, from age 4 and up.

Students get 2 different classes each week (instrumental lesson & music reading)

  • Instrumental Lesson covers 20-45 minutes of instrumental lesson
  • Music Reading covers sight reading, rhythmic patterns and general theory for 45 minutes
  • Both classes can be scheduled in a same day, but we recommend two different days.

Pay Per Lesson

"Traditional private lesson, available duration of 30 or 45 minutes."

For All Ages, Children to Adults

After Music School

"For grades 1 - 7 only. Our after-music-school heavily focuses on two subjects: music and math. Every student will be enrolled to weekly piano and music reading classes, and to daily math curriculum."

Adult Music Laboratory

"Designed only for adult students, both beginners and advanced musicians. This course utilizes repertoire (tunes and songs) based approach - instead of start learning from basics, students will learn techniques and skills while mastering a piece to piece." 

*Only available to Adult Beginners