PAY PER LESSON (PRIVATE 1 on 1 lesson)

Traditional 1 on 1 private lesson, 100% dedicated attention to the student.

Students may purchase lesson credits by group of 5 lessons at a time.  
*There might be extra charge to lessons with certain instruments.


Q. How long is the lesson?  
A. We offer 30min or 45min lesson plans for you to choose from.

Q. Do we pay each time we take the lesson?  
A. No. You can buy 5 lesson credits, and each lesson you use one credit.

Q. What if i want more than 45minute lessons?  
A. You can buy multiple classes together (And there is discount if you purchase more than one program which applies to you in this case)


New in 2016

  • Mixing (Electronic, Hiphop, EDM)
  • Hiphop (Rap)

Lessons Offered (and genre!)

  • Piano (Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz)
  • Drum (Jazz, Pop, Band)
  • Guitar (Jazz, Pop, Classical)
  • Vocal (Pop, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Classical, Gospel)
  • Strings
    • Violin/Viola/Cello (Classical)
    • Double Bass (Jazz, Classical)
  • Woodwind
    • Piccolo/Flute (Classical, Jazz)
    • Clarinet (Classical)
    • Sop/Alto/Tenor Saxophone (Jazz, Pop, Band, Classical)
  • Brass
    • Trumpet (Jazz, Classical, Band)
    • French Horn/Trombone (Classical, Band)
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Flute Flute Guitar Saxophone Clarinet Drum Flute Flute Vocal Vocal
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Drum Drum Trumpet Bass
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