Announcements of NYSSMA and Next Student Concert!

  1. Next student concert will be held on 6/25/2017 Sunday at 5pm. (Date might change*)
    1. All participating students must notify their instructor by no later than 6/4/2017.
    2. There is a participating fee of $30 per student. It will be billed to your account once we confirm the entrée.

    3. Location will be announced here soon!

  2. NYSSMA participants in June 2017 - important

    1. NYSSMA certification exams are close! There are few requirements students must comply, please review following check list.

      1. Items: Student must bring 2 legal copies of performing piece. (eg. If you are performing a piece from Suzuki Piano vol. 3, you need to give one copy to the jury and one for yourself unless it is memorized). If you need to purchase additional copy of your book, please contact us immediately.

      2. Time: Schedule is assigned, Please click here to view page for your assigned time and date.

      3. Location: Alley NYU Steinhardt, 35 West 4th Street Suite 777, New York, NY 10003

      4. Transportation: Parents or guardian must bring the students. We do not provide transportations.

  3. Summer Camp – Wrap Up
    1. We are at the last round of registering Full-time/Part-time Summer camps! For the discounts, please check our tuition table.
    2. Full-time (Common Core + Music), Part-time (Music only bootcamp)

Thank you, and good luck to all NYSSMA students!