music Program FOR children and teenagers

"Music Lesson + Ensemble Rehearsals, Every week"

Learning music is very similar to learning a new language - one needs to know how to recognize alphabets, organize alphabets to sensible words, and construct sentences and logic through these words. Hello Music will enable students to how to read and play notes, organize notes and rhythms to musical phrases, then imagine and create their own music.

On each session, our professional musicians will guide, motivate, teach, and perform with students from the very beginning! Plus, students will not be left alone learning - feedback and communicating with the fellow student-musicians will provide additional learning resources. Best of all, this course is strictly designed for the Music-language learners - everyone in the class is on the same ground! 

Classes are generally grouped by age and skill level (Children 4-5 years old, 6-11 years old, 12+ Teenagers).


Each students will attend two weekly classes - Music Lesson and Ensemble/Band.

1. Instrumental Lesson 2. Music Reading
Early Beginner 20 mins 45 mins
Available Instruments
Children 4-5 Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Drum, Violin, Recorder
Children 6-11 Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Drum, Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Saxophone
Teenagers Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Drum, Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Saxophone

Q. How flexible is the schedule? Do I have to visit two different days?
A. If you can fit both classes in one day, you can come for just a day in a week. Please check our schedule table (at the bottom of this page). 

Q. Do I need to buy the instrument?
A. You can either buy or rent, but you NEED the instrument to practice from home! Sometimes students forget to carry piano (kidding!) instrument with them and we normally do have spare for the session. If you need an assistant to choose which brand and quality to buy, we can always recommend you and help you through!

Q. How do we get billed?
A. Hello-Music follows automated monthly billing schedule.

Q. If I miss a class, is there a makeup?
A. Yes. You can attend the class of same instrument on the same week, and you might see unfamiliar (but nice and pretty) faces and learning subjects.