Mathematics and Music = Sound Education.

Afterschool of music and math

for Children (grade 1-7)

Our AfterMusicSchool programs are built on the belief that children thrive when they feel safe, supported by the adults, challenged by friends around them, and when they have both the structure and resources to pursuit their interests.

Afterschool at RhythmNY is a combination of discipline, creativity and learning outside of the classroom setting. Further the program enriches learning experience by presenting opportunities for students to learn skills for creative expression, work together in mixed age groups, challenge their comfort zone, and benefit from the inputs of real musicians and specialized teachers.

The program focuses on three main subjects for students, so they can stimulate their brains and engage in various activities. All programs are structured and led by experienced teachers.

Our core curriculum can be broken down into three categories and are included for all students

  • School-work follow ups (Homework and Commoncore Workbooks)
  • Mathematics
  • Music

And an extra course included in core curriculum

  • Pilates for children

Following are extra (add-on) programs students can enroll

  • Private Lessons (one or two lessons per week + other music courses)
  • Kidstein Science Laboratory
Description Duration
Schoolwork Finish school work 1 Hour
Work on CC workbook
Mathematics Numbers and Operation 1 Hour
Numbers and Operation
Music PianoLab 45 mins
Music Reading



3:00pm Music Reading/Ensemble PianoLab
*Private Lesson
Music Reading/Ensemble PianoLab
*Private Lesson
3:45pm Snack Snack Snack Snack Snack
4:00pm Number/Operations Geometry Number/Operations Algebra Recreation
*Kidstein Lab
5:00pm School Work School Work School Work School Work School Work
*Kidstein Lab


  • Eligibility: Current Grade 1-7
  • Hours: Mon-Fri, 3-6pm
  • Core Curriculum
    • Schoolwork (Homework and Commoncore Workbooks)
    • Mathematics
      • Different subjects and topics in mathematics where the students heavily focus on algebraic exercises beyond the scope of common-core.
    • Music
      • PianoLab: Guided practices and learning of fundamentals of piano.
      • Music Reading: Part of Hello Music! program to engage students in sight-reading
      • Ensemble: Students bring different instruments to form and practice music. This is great way to recognize and improve rhythm, reading, and pitch evaluation.
    • Extra Programs within Core Curriculum
      • Pilates
      • Recreations
  • Add-on Curriculum
    • Private Instrumental Lessons
      • Two private lessons each week, choice of instruments.
    • Kidstein Laboratory (2 hours on fridays)
      • Introduction to Physics
      • Obervation in Biology
      • Fundamentals of Chemistry

Q. Are snacks provided?
A. Yes, we provide fruits, chips, cookies, cereals, and drinks to students.

Q. How many students are in a class?
A. Our Teacher-student ratio is about 1:6

Q. Students participate in NYSSMA?
A. Normally we do encourage students to take NYSSMA tests. To do so, we strongly encourage you to enroll into private lessons.

Q. How about non-school holidays? are you guys open?
A. Yes we are open on non-school days to watch over the students during the school year. Extra fees may apply.